Personal Informatics (Kişisel Bilişim)

"Personal informatics is a class of systems that help people collect personally relevant information for the purpose of self-knowledge [Li et al. 2010]. While the (other) research areas ... examined collection and reflection separately, personal informatics takes collection and reflection as a whole process. That is, the user is involved in both collection and reflection because the data is about and for the person,.Effective personal informatics systems help users collect the necessary personal information for insightful reflection. Personal informatics goes by other names, such as “living by numbers”, “quantified self”, “self-surveillance”, “self-tracking”, and “personal analytics” [Wolf 2009; Yau & Schneider 2009]. Personal informatics systems provide an advantage over simply trying to remember information about the self, because pure self- reflection is often flawed. These systems help people by facilitating collection and storage of personal information, and by providing a means of exploring and reflecting on the information."
(Li, Ian Anthony Rosas, "Personal Informatics and Context: Using Context to Reveal Factors that Affect Behavior" (2011) Dissertations.Paper 100: 23)


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